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Burk - 221
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Sunday, November 21 2010 - 10:31 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

As the night starts ...

Hey guys, updating early this week cause I feel like I'd like to get this page out there before monday (as I'm generally so tired during the week due to intern that my comments become kinda ... depressing-sounding, apparently);

Either way, as you might've noticed this page has another style change in several ways.

Before anyone complains please read the following;

The text bubbles:

Not much to say aside from the fact that I like these, the three -big- complaints with the old ones were;

1# colours too bright
2# font not readable enough
3# the bubbles feel too bulky

I changed these three aspects up a lot, and hope these new ones are much more perfect, but I'll let you guys judge how you like them.

Keep in mind, as much as I appreciate your critical feedback, being nice about the stuff you do like does make any negative comments a lot less stingy.

Either way, onto another big change; the sprites themselves;

Now I know that for the first time since the start of the comic I've severely (and I mean severely) lowered the resolution, making the sprites a lot smaller (and simpler in places).

I understand that this can be considered a quality decrease in ways, -however- there is a very very good reason for this decision, namely;

The latest style, although cool and expressive has been ... tedious to work with.

If my memory serves me right a few of the last comic pages might actually have taken me longer than the same comic would've taken me if I drew it by hand, which kinda ... contradicts one of the big reasons why sprites are good namely; how easy they make it to create new pages.

Eventhough I'm lowering my update rate a lot due to my internship, I recognised that -before- intern certain page types could hardly be done within a day due to the sprite work and that, once internship is over, I definitely couldn't create more than 3 pages per week.

As I'd like to increase my update rate back to the way it was pre-hiatus eventually, I realise that the big-big sprites just can't last.

Either way, feel free to provide feedback keeping these facts in mind.

Kind regards and peace,
Guido Bos

1929: Steadman - Sunday, November 21 2010 - 11:25 AM

Ah, the new bubbles are beautiful! Much preferred, I found myself reading the text before the comic with the red ones.

Also, you've done a great job making those characters sround Lacey look... unsavoury

1930: DDR - Sunday, November 21 2010 - 12:22 PM

I do like the new bubbles. They are nice, visually light-weight.

Comic seems OK, I didn't notice the resolution. Maybe I've been playing Frogatto too much.

It is interesting to see you play around with styles. Educational, too.

Oooo, this is so coming to a head! I wanna see what comes next! Is there to be a prison riot? A diplomatic incident?

... Will the soldiers free the bathroom?

1931: Discostar - Sunday, November 21 2010 - 7:04 PM

Agreed about the bubbles being much more readable now.

Also, I actually prefer the smaller sprites myself. I think it tends to lose the 'pixel-art feel' when they get too big.

1932: ADHadh - Sunday, November 21 2010 - 9:22 PM

New bubbles are awesome. Perfect blend of style appropriateness and readability.
I wouldn't notice the sprites were smaller if I didn't read the news post.

1933: Hurricane Ivan - Sunday, November 21 2010 - 11:40 PM

brilliant, as ever

1934: yeahthatguy - Monday, November 22 2010 - 12:01 AM

I'd like to add that I also love the new speech bubbles.

Question: what does the changing color of the walls mean?

1935: glob - Monday, November 22 2010 - 12:20 AM

great! given how great the story is, i would make lots of concessions for a high update rate!

besides: this page is the most amazing way to turn attention back to burk! super funny!

speech bubbles are perfect like that!

1936: giovanni - Monday, November 22 2010 - 12:51 AM

now this is really fun

the pace of the words is well made and the bubbles support it instead of detract it

good job

1937: Bisected - Monday, November 22 2010 - 1:25 AM

I think you've nailed it with the bubbles.


1938: John - Monday, November 22 2010 - 1:26 AM

Hey! I really like the style of this comic. It made me really laugh out loud!
As for the bubbles, they CoUld be a little darker to blend in better and give a better immersive feeling of a "game"-like comic.
Aside from that, good work!

1939: Daran - Monday, November 22 2010 - 3:54 AM

OMG - I love the new speech bubbles!
Great choice!

1940: Marsgreekgod - Monday, November 22 2010 - 4:27 AM

Thats a great comic, and good speech bubbles!

1941: Lord Wreckingrocc - Monday, November 22 2010 - 7:29 AM

Simply beautiful text and sprites. When I first saw it, I thought, "Another sprite change? They... Actually don't look too bad. Kinda cute, actually." Now, this of course means that the prisoners have that paradoxical 'cute-monstrous' blend prevalent in so many RPGs, but at least it works.

The color-shifting works fabulously to separate time, too!

I'm very excited.

Also, why does the knight in the bottom-left panel look like he could be Burk's father?

1942: NuclearD00d - Monday, November 22 2010 - 10:53 AM

Well done. Quite the improvement. ^^

1943: Magpie - Monday, November 22 2010 - 11:17 AM

I like this style. The sprites are detailed enough to be distinctive, but still compact enough to look like sprites.

I still have to say the white non-pixel speech bubbles and outlines were my favourite. I thought they contrasted well with the contents of the panels without destracting from the pretty pixels.

My main criticism with this page is that the AA on the text looks blurry.

1945: Chanini - Monday, November 22 2010 - 2:28 PM

I LOVE the new text bubbles. Sprites still look great, in a way I like it better because it looks less 'cluttered' (it's a good sprite to background space ratio).

1946: Ceata88 - Monday, November 22 2010 - 2:57 PM

Eh, the smaller sprites seem fine to me. Different and less detailed, but I can still make things out easily enough. I still hope you do epic close ups from time to time though XD

The bubbles look nice too. Personally XD

Oh, and it's good to see Burk back... in the bathroom XD

1948: Tom - Tuesday, November 23 2010 - 2:10 AM

Loving' the new text bubbles! Yes please!

The sprites - I like 'em, but obviously I used to enjoy the others more. Whatever works for ya, Neo.

The page - Hilarious, and good use of the multiple characters in the castle. Is it me, or is the guy sitting with the Mage Baron (far left in the panel) is one of the people Pablo expected to see there?

1950: Tulio_d_Bard - Tuesday, November 23 2010 - 3:43 AM

That's great, Guido! =3
Maybe you could make some full page arts once in a while to make up for the sprite reduction. ;)
Just kidding (not about the full page arts), they're great this way.

1953: steven - Tuesday, November 23 2010 - 7:06 AM

So I dont honestly have a favorite page.
So ill just give you a few things.
1. I've always loved the art work even the beginning with the single line comments.
2. I love the new bubbles I think they are awesome.
3. I love all the story arcs they are all interesting and keep me wanting to know more.
4. So far my favorite little piece of the comic is Burk beating up the mayor of gang town and the following few pages.

1955: Littlebottom - Tuesday, November 23 2010 - 11:46 AM

personally i dont mind the new or old bubbles, but the downgrade on the sprites makes me a little sad. :( but i can understand why.

and also, i must add that this page is almightilly epic!!!

1956: Someguy - Tuesday, November 23 2010 - 5:48 PM

I like these bubbles too. Softer on the eyes, not as visually distracting. I'm a wee bit sad about the loss of big big sprites, but over all this style looks great too.

And I love the page.
Greatest use of coinciding commentary ever. :D
Here's hoping that none of the guards end up leaving a mess...

1957: Metaphizzle - Thursday, November 25 2010 - 1:17 AM

I, for one, did not notice the sprites had shrunk until you pointed it out.

1959: Ivan - Friday, November 26 2010 - 2:29 PM

Not that you would need it, but these changes have my approval. Admittedly I hadn't much considered how good the previous text bubbles were, but looking now the issues you mentioned with them are apparent- and the new text bubbles are quite a bit easier on the eyes. And though the decrease in quality is unfortunate, it's more than reasonable given that you want to make more regular updates.

1961: Droidette - Saturday, November 27 2010 - 6:45 AM

So... fat people don't go to prison? 90% of your prisioners have the same body, pose and "angry-but-i-don't-really-care-about-anything" look

1962: someone - Saturday, November 27 2010 - 8:45 PM

Fat people don't stay fat in prison.

Also, extras are extras.

1963: Tulio_d_Bard - Sunday, November 28 2010 - 4:39 AM

@Droidette: Most people wouldn't be doing weird poses when listening to someone. Especially when he's making a rebellion speech or whatever.

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