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Noah - 1061
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Saturday, December 30 2017 - 3:34 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

A Heven in the dark.

Nice going Hevel.

15504: Whispers of Sorrow - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 3:55 AM

Well you're the one who wished for her Noah. I can't help but feeling you should stop metaphorically hitting yourself tbh.

As for Hevel: Nice job! :) I dunno if he's using spirit sense at all, but a good cover score should be all he needs. :)

15505: Tom - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 5:16 AM

Can't wait for Ciel to reveal her true nature/motives. I just can't. The cynic in me assures me that she is an unreliable helper.

15506: someone - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 6:28 AM

If Ciel is born out of Noah's powers, then preserving the existence of Noah is her own self-interest.

15507: Kiithnaras - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 12:08 PM

Ciel is, in my headcanon, a self-aware partition of Noah's mind. In a way, she is a conscious extension of Noah's subconscious...if that makes sense. She knows what Noah knows, both consciously and intuitively, even of Noah doesn't realize that he knows these things...

Because he's a LAZY BUM who doesn't want to put his noggin to the grindstone!

15508: Saiko - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 1:36 PM

I can't decide whether Ciel is a smug part of Noah's mind, or his Big Brother.

15509: Tor - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 5:30 PM

I keep getting worried that Noah ends up doing to well at this. With Ciels help me might end being better at this than even their instructor.

15510: Agent Cook - Saturday, December 30 2017 - 6:21 PM

Go hevel go

15512: Whispers of Sorrow - Sunday, December 31 2017 - 3:40 AM

Something I find curious about Ciel, is that she referred to Noah as Minori the first time she made her appearance. There's bound to be something to it(she could read his mind after all), the question is what?

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