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Noah - 1461
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Monday, January 13 2020 - 12:16 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Not supposed to tell.

It's just because we don't like you and are socially excluding you.

21177: Guest - Monday, January 13 2020 - 12:15 AM

Yes... Not trusting you has anything to do with being captured, and not just... placing "things that you are likely to experience in the field, and will be 'disciplined' for interfering with" in the "do not need to know" category.

21178: Some guy - Monday, January 13 2020 - 12:41 AM

The higher-ups are really putting a lot of effort into getting Noah to rebel.

Guess it would be less wasted if he actually gave a damn.

21179: someone - Monday, January 13 2020 - 1:17 AM

Noah would actually be just fine that explanation of being socially excluded. It's after all what he craves the most.

21180: Bisected - Monday, January 13 2020 - 2:00 AM

It's like they want all their soldiers to get resentful and rebel.

21181: noname - Monday, January 13 2020 - 3:05 AM

The way things have been going, it wouldn't surprise me if this page marks the crucial turning point for Noah because his benefactors decide to punish him for asking these questions as well as Havel for revealing that he's not supposed to be answering them... sounds about right for them at this point... provided my actual theory (unrelated to the one that we'll be switching pov over to Burk in a bit) that they're not planning on keeping these kids doesn't hold up... ... ...that food is probably poisoned...

21182: AnonymousPerson - Monday, January 13 2020 - 8:54 AM

I also think grown men shouldn't be covering kids with their gunk.

21183: Tssha - Monday, January 13 2020 - 5:15 PM

@Bisected: No one ever accused the Empire of being good. Or smart.

21184: Seb - Monday, January 13 2020 - 9:10 PM

Noah could use his powers soon. Heck he could probably know the answer to his question by using it on Hevel.
Mind inspection as a power, just a step above telepathy

21185: EstherTb - Tuesday, January 14 2020 - 8:14 AM

I can see these two becoming friends, social outcasts together!

21186: Whispers of Sorrow - Tuesday, January 14 2020 - 11:55 PM

@Some Guy: I'm pretty sure it's a certain deeply incompetent junior officer who is behind this nonsense. She probably pronounces 'lieutenant' without the 'f' as well.

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