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Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 12:33 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Reasonable Levin.

I still trust him significantly less than I can throw him.

21947: Alcemon - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 1:43 AM

When people like Levin are saying things that make sense its when you need to be the most wary...

21948: SilentWrangler - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 2:15 AM

You know, I have a strange feeling that Levin has some weird and bizarre suicidal tendencies. I mean, this is Lorg, where life is cheaper than a handful of mud. If everyone hates you, you just get killed and nobody cares, end of story. Being a jerk to everyone so openly is a sure way to get everyone to hate you, it's a wonder how he managed to survive up to this point...

21949: Imminent death of Levin - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 3:10 AM

I just realized that the other team has more normal human than this one.

21950: Bisected - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 4:00 AM

He's tapping his glasses. That's how you know he's right!

21951: Tssha - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 4:32 AM

I'm really curious as to how far I could actually throw him...for, uh, reasons...

21952: Some guy - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 4:49 AM

I trust him as far as i can throw him. Across an acid filled spike pit.

So about as far beyond the edge as is needed that he will without a doubt plummet down into it without any way to hold on to the walls.

21953: giovanni - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 5:16 AM

does this means that niceness is inhuman?

21954: A - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 5:19 AM

....Then who died?

One of the neutral voters?

21955: Benedict - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 5:47 AM

"Hey, Levin, that sounds nice and all, but do you mind putting someone else on the phone just to confirm? Just in case this is some trick to screw someone on your team over, and not something your whole team decided?"

21956: Idol - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 4:33 PM

I think its clear that Levin despite being a massive douche is really good at these Lorg-esque trust and backstabb games.

Honestly worried hes already fixed the game so that he wins.

21957: K - Tuesday, May 5 2020 - 7:50 PM

@Benedict Yeah, prove he's not the only person in the communication room.

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