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Tobi - 1123
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Thursday, March 22 2018 - 1:35 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Accidents happen.

Well that's lenient of them, it's always possible someone accidentally dies cause you have no idea what you're doing; so it's good to know you won't get eliminated for harmless little mistakes you never intended.

16642: TheMegax - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 2:41 AM

Woops! Sorry for stabbing you in the back, I didn't mean to!

16643: Bisected - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 3:24 AM

Accidents do happen...

16644: Saiko - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 6:49 AM

The ghouls said that this is not televised. Assuming they were telling the truth, what's in it for Smile Foundation? They're doing it for science, for lulz, or both (like Aperture Science)?

16645: Little Smile - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 6:59 AM

i am sorry. everytime the Screen speaks i hear the voice of Zero.
i can't help it.

16646: Tom - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 7:11 AM

Good God, it just keeps getting creepier and creepier.

16648: Sporf - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 8:23 AM

Thanks Bubs, I'm glad you're so understanding.

16649: Candor Zofain - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 8:47 AM

What is Toby trying to get out of this again? I mean does she even want some of the treasure?

16650: MJBarr - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 10:13 AM

Little Smile: I hear Bubs talking (Homestar Runner).

The face is too similar, I swear that this is Bubs new franchise after leaving the Homestar Runner show.

16651: Storm - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 11:45 AM

"Well... beastmen have a habit of going on a violent rampage if asked about what.. happened to them." -http://www.neorice.com/hoh_tobi_635

Of course, if a beastman did go on a violent rampage and killed another contestant, presumably they'd be killed for breaking the rules. ...unless they happen to be the 1 contestant not subject to that rule?

And, surely, a contestant couldn't be held responsible for merely asking another about their condition, even if that'd end up resulting in the death of another contestant and then the beastman too.

Would seem extremely out-of-character for Tobi, but what about the other cleaner who apparently has made a name for himself across various blood sports?

Then again, apparently one cleaner, "White", is fairly weak, having had only 1 minute left on their first challenge's timer. How confident would they feel about having to rely on their own cleaning abilities for the rest of the challenge?

What a tangled web this is!

16652: Darkhog - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 12:56 PM

Considering some of the "treasure" is what she had on her when she entered, like that invaluable grab arm or Three (if he's in the dungeon and not safely outside), she may want some of it.

Plus, she does need that thing called money so selling some treasure afterwards if it's not useful for her) to get the currency would be important for her as well.

16653: TheMegax - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 3:07 PM


The 'one' contestant can break any rule EXCEPT killing...

16654: Agent Cook - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 3:07 PM

"How was i supposed to know he wouldn't catch my dagger?"

16655: Guest - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 4:30 PM

"There is one contestant who is exempt from all rules regarding killing."
If a rule is associated with killing then it does not apply to that contestant.

Did you perhaps mistake "exempt" for "except"?

16656: someone - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 5:24 PM

@TheMegax: no, the contestant is "exempt from all rules regarding killing", meaning that any and all rules prohibiting killing do not apply to them.

Interestingly, the phrasing seems to imply that it works both ways -- another contestant could kill them without getting disqualified...

16657: Potatopeelerkind - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 5:52 PM

@TheMegax Read the page again. They are exempt from all rules regarding killing. That means that all rules regarding killing don't apply to them. AFAIK they aren't exempt from any other rules.

I wonder if this means that they can be killed by others without consequence, as well as killing others.

16658: Sporf - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 9:59 PM

It says the contestant is exempt from all rules regarding killing. Meaning he or she can kill.

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