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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Monday, April 27 2020 - 12:25 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Cheat and Murder.

C'mon now, it's just a simple fruit trade!

21847: Daran - Monday, April 27 2020 - 12:45 AM

Just waiting for the trading grounds outside to be checkered floor ...

21848: Ibri - Monday, April 27 2020 - 1:44 AM

This reminds me of reading Liar's game

21849: noname - Monday, April 27 2020 - 3:03 AM

@Ibri This reminds ME of how corporate, capitalist, neoliberalism works irl: It's all smiley-faces up front, but with an ever-present underlying incentive to abandon all ideals and fuck everyone over for one's own personal gain and profit... and we all already know that team Apple has some REALLY bad apples that don't even care enough about appearing to be humane to bother putting up a pretence of decency...

21850: Bisected - Monday, April 27 2020 - 3:37 AM

Merciless fruit trades. AKA Mario Party.

21851: 5 - Monday, April 27 2020 - 4:00 AM

That's probably when having your little minion gone in the other team is going to pay off.

21853: SuperJedi224 - Monday, April 27 2020 - 7:06 AM

@Ibri Remind me again which economic "philosophy" led to *tens of millions* being murdered by their own governments over the course of the 20th century? Because it wasn't capitalism.

21854: SuperJedi224 - Monday, April 27 2020 - 7:13 AM

(Sorry, meant @noname)

21855: Hamste - Monday, April 27 2020 - 10:13 AM

Forget capitalism, socialism or communism. The real best economic system is barter.

Be too much of a jerk and you know your cow is going to sell for only a couple of bags of grain. Plus you can only horde so many ducks before you start running out of room.

Also name a fascist regime that used barter. We can only conclude that barter is the only peaceful economic system... ignoring the murder games we are currently seeing in the comic using the barter system.

Finally, it is a great anticorruption measure. Politician tries to get bribed and you can call them out on where they got those 5 goats from. Orange face even mentions it.

In conclusion barter is the best system and I have no clue why people think they need to talk about economic systems underneath a comic.

21857: Storm - Monday, April 27 2020 - 12:15 PM

How could apples and oranges possibly go bananas?!

21858: Cluedrew - Monday, April 27 2020 - 2:03 PM

@Hamste: Thank-you, you said that so much better than I could.

21859: noname - Monday, April 27 2020 - 2:36 PM

@SuperJedi224 Uh, I didn't really intend for this to turn into a political discussion... Hey, Neorice! Is it ok for us to have these kinda discussions in the comment section ooorrr should we cut it out?

Anyway, to answer your question, SJ224: Uh, yes, that certainly does sound like capitalism. Problem is that capitalism, for some unfathomable reason, has managed to convince a lot of people that its casualties are caused by problems in our social systems that it supposedly somehow has nothing to do with... that, or just plain blaming other economic philosophies for its own crimes. You know, stuff like cutting funds to public security systems and schools, diverting funds away from projects that would help low-income neighbourhoods get back up on their feet, claiming that there's not enough money to finance a free public healthcare system (but throwing out TRILLIONS in bailouts and compensations to banks, big corporations and the top 1%), denying people access to good psychological help, engineering a whole fucking opioid crisis, running the weapons industry as if it wasn't all about killing other human beings, starting and/or financing wars for pretty profit, undermining the societal stability of nations that do not want to play the capitalist game (like what the US did to Venezuela) and the list goes on... Honestly, I don't think "tens of millions" NEARLY covers just how many victims capitalism has claimed over the course of the last 100 years alone... "Socialism for the rich and rugged capitalism for the poor", that has been the mantra of liberalism ever since the days of Milton Friedman.

21860: B - Monday, April 27 2020 - 4:01 PM

I hope no one in the group has a huge amount of points that she can't explain where she got them from. Like all the points that Three transferred to Tobi.

21862: random - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 1:25 AM


That is a tough question that got ME LONg , fruitless hours of thinking...

21863: SilentWrangler - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 1:59 AM

@SuperJedi224 Sorry to disappoint, but literal fascists (those who basically made the term) were radical capitalists. Economic system preferences have nothing to do with this horror. It's just what happens when the human life and decency are not valued as highest priority. If people in power value anything over human life, be it money, political idea, anything, world becomes a corrupt crapsack at best.

21868: SuperJedi224 - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 4:31 AM

We could debate how "free market" fascism is (it isn't), but the worst offenders weren't strictly fascist either - by most of the estimates I've seen, the worst offenders where China (by a fair margin) and Russia

21871: SuperJedi224 - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 5:17 AM

But yeah, you're certainly right that it's about who's in power and how much power they've been allowed to take, whatever their route to taking it may be.

21872: SuperJedi224 - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 5:20 AM

(... which is why the Federal government shouldn't have nearly the level of power they've been allowed to amass over the last 150 years, but that's a separate debate all together)

21876: Guest - Tuesday, April 28 2020 - 3:20 PM

It is about power disparity. You get a Ceasar, or a Stalin, or a Bush, or a Gates, who wields absurd levels of power, then it is probably going to go to those who would abuse that power, and people will die in much greater numbers than are apparent. Mostly because they are usually the ones with the most incentive and inclination to accumulate power, while the people who just want a better world are unlikely to want to climb over the corpses of their peers to gain the power to make it. You could try to deal with this by assigning power via random ballot, most people are basically likely to do a job if they are put in front of it afterall, or you can just remove the disparity and go for equal wages, or, well, equal wages after everyone has been made equal by accounting for missing limbs and such...

21886: Mousio - Wednesday, April 29 2020 - 2:29 PM

Gotta love how comments have gone completely banana republic(ansas) ;)

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