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Tobi - 1688
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 1:09 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

All of them.

Good luck getting these goodie-two shoes to agree to such a scheme though.

23621: A_voice_from_the_shadows - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 2:21 AM

And so Toby realised, it was her, who made the betrayal possible by telling the other team about the checkered floor.

23622: Tom - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 2:32 AM

This is worse than I thought.

If Tobi knew something that others didn't...

...it's not too hard to imagine that there's something others know that she doesn't.

"Checkered floors = killing okay" is a critical rule. What else are people unaware of?

23623: Zed - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 5:25 AM

I wouldn't blame Tobi, honestly, since the other team has at minimum two people (Douche & Fox) who know about the checkered floors as well.

23624: Datren - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 5:34 AM

@Zed Fox voted the neutral option, and the other person who would know about checkered room floors did too. And from the sounds of it the other team is just the people that voted to kill, unless that interpretation is wrong that leaves it as just Levin.

And I wish I could come to Tobi's defense in this, but Levin is the kind of person who would never volunteer that fact without knowing it's common knowledge or not. He's that much of a sleazeball.

23625: Chris E. - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 6:25 AM

It's quite cunning of Smile, that the 'secret rules' they are given at the start actually work as a form of misdirection by subtly creating the false impression that the other rules are common knowledge.

23626: Daran - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 9:08 AM

Wait a second!!!
Infinites team at the start (their ward) was not told about the checkered floor rules?
Was Mr Green not part of that ward? Yet he knew he was in danger on the checkered floor when threatened with being shot?

Green acting very sus! Calling a meeting.

Starting to think green is the one who knows this location and the nature of this experiment.

23627: Gorzag - Wednesday, October 7 2020 - 10:09 AM

@Datren : he would maybe not volunteer it for nothing, but he would certainly tell them if it was a requirement to win this game by threatening one of his opponents. (and since they go trading one by one, they all have to know in case they are the one facing the chosen target)

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