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Tobi - 1888
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Monday, May 31 2021 - 12:00 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

My domain.

Oh hi Levin.

25979: Brilliand - Monday, May 31 2021 - 12:18 AM

So now we see this "Minxery" try to maim Levin, presumably?

25980: Chameon - Monday, May 31 2021 - 12:21 AM

It'd be really funny if he just got stabbed in the throat while bragging up there.

25981: Kabarakh - Monday, May 31 2021 - 12:42 AM

Let's see if someone realizes that the black tiles are made rainbow slowly. (Check 1886) - and if the tiles you stand on transform, that won't count as "stepping on"

25982: Bogg - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:11 AM

I'm hoping that this time Levin might just have some serious repercussions due.

25983: Tom - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:15 AM

@Neo - Since it's hard to measure distances in the comic, can you kindly confirm if Levin's jump is possible WITHOUT magic?

25984: Waifu? - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:39 AM

Where is the beast girl?
I forget if something happened to her.

25985: Bisected - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:56 AM

Levin needs to chill

25986: someone - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:58 AM

@Kabarakh: I'm not sure the tiles are turning. If you count from the deep edge (away from the view point), it's still just four rows. And if you compare 1886 with 1888, it looks more like it's Jay-Jay who moved on the rainbow tiles. Trying to get some positioning clues, using the width of the lines between the tiles, one can see the boundary on right side is black tile - thin line - rainbow tile - medium line - rainbow tile - wide line. This configuration hasn't changed, so it doesn't look like colored tiles have progressed from this direction either. Yet.

@Tom: such a jump is certainly possible if gravity is not as strong as on Earth. Looking at the stunts Tobi pulled (and she's not using magic), that's plausible. Now you can argue that Tobi has video game powers so maybe her platforming skills are not representative of normal human capabilities either; but if it weren't for Mr Slippy, Kadu may have completed Death Race too.

Anyways, Levin is supposed to be a "cleaner", one of the contestants who can solve puzzles and escape traps, and so far the only skills he had demonstrated were tapdancing and being a jerk. It'd make sense he has some more tricks up his sleeves.

25987: AnonymousPerson - Monday, May 31 2021 - 3:46 AM

@Brilliand I sure hope so!

25988: Seb - Monday, May 31 2021 - 5:05 AM

Again with the insults. He does have a point though

25989: Personthing - Monday, May 31 2021 - 5:20 AM


I mean, Burk could certainly pull off the jump without any magic.

25990: TheMegax - Monday, May 31 2021 - 5:51 AM


She voted neutral, so I'm not sure where she went. Maybe a bonus game/penalty?

25992: Abbie - Monday, May 31 2021 - 9:09 AM

I'm betting someone's going to find Tobi's grandpa's magic cage hammer in one o' them boxes, as they got it off My. Infinity.

25993: UnknownID - Monday, May 31 2021 - 10:50 AM

Levin: "I am afraid of no Mages!"

25994: Chase - Monday, May 31 2021 - 1:20 PM

For one: called it. 2: I pray that the spirit kills Levin, though they probably wont since Levin is pretty important as an antagonist.

25995: mikato1 - Monday, May 31 2021 - 4:01 PM

I see Levin has little regard for the Stando, nor indeed for the room full of combat-trained wizards. I guess he's safe to ignore the Paladin since unless and until he either uses magic or attacks her directly she's not allowed to touch him, but Infinite, Minxi, and Toby are all here as well to contend with.

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