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Sunday, March 31 2024 - 12:06 PM
By: Neoriceisgood


And with that we end the first part of Held's introductory arc.

Held will update with new chapters a bit slower than the other characters as I tend to focus on finishing entire story beats in a single go with her, so now we'll be returning to the regular crew for a while.

We've got some long running story arcs to finish!

Heads up: new vote incentive on top web comics going up tomorrow to celebrate the new month & I'll also be starting a new side story on Patreon, Storm at Sea.

41398: Baprr - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 12:52 PM

Listen man, that was beautiful and I love you. You know that right? Also looking forward to the new story on patreon, keep em coming!

41399: WiseGuy - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 12:55 PM

What a journey huh folks?, man ngl loved this introduction.

41400: Dave the Not Nightmare - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 1:09 PM

Oh boy I wonder who we’re gonna jump back to? Nightmares Boogaloo Noah? Burk burking around? Or Tobi trying to not die in a game show about dying?

41401: Tom - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 6:23 AM


41402: simplybecause - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 5:08 PM

Am I the only one who noticed the "fan wiki" button? Was that always there? Am I going insane?

Also what happens if he runs out of story? Will he get stabbed?

41403: Hurph - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 7:25 PM

Welp, thank god that’s finally over. I’m not really sure if I liked Held’s story or not…
Also god dammit I forgot my own name.

41404: Strannik - Sunday, March 31 2024 - 8:08 PM

That was a nice chapter, thank you Neorice !

41416: Potatopeelerkind - Monday, April 1 2024 - 12:46 PM

@simplybecause Nah, I think that's new, I haven't seen it before either.

41417: Paintr - Monday, April 1 2024 - 5:16 PM

Applause and praise!

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