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Friday, October 15 2021 - 11:49 PM
By: Neoriceisgood

Round 1: Question 1

Feel free to participate in the quiz!

Can you beat Tobi? ... Probably!
Can you beat the others? Let's see.

27956: Kobrag - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:03 AM

I am guessing either shieldland or M.F.T

27957: Keoaratr - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:04 AM

H) All of the above

27958: Soup - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:14 AM

I think Nero is also a part of Heroland. I recall Red Mind mentioned Nero in connection to Heroland in the original Path to Greater Good webcomic. Though White Knight looks closer to being a Herolander as originally I think Nero looked like a knight in a business suit.

27959: Lord_Incaros - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:27 AM

I'm gonna have to say Shield Land.

27960: Moe - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:36 AM

Pretty sure it's the Red Queen and Trifecta. At the very least, she looks to be related to Alexander Logan, the Hero from the very first arc.

27961: MatthewTheLucky - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:39 AM

I'm going to guess Trifecta, since it would make the Paladin angry

27963: tracer - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:32 AM

MFT seems obvious. But this storyline revels in disproving expectations.

Merlin :)

27964: Straightbackward - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:34 AM

I seem to recall someone from the Red Mind saying the White Knight wasn't trustworthy, or somesuch. So I'll say that one.

Also, nice, another democratic government, like Justopea!! Such progressive people all around this world.

27965: Tom - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:38 AM

Wow, that's A LOT of worldbuilding!

27966: Stranger - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:42 AM

White Knight and the Shieldland Collective.

27967: Otter Claw - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:04 AM

I'm going to go with the odd choice and vote for the gentleman knight myself, as I'm thinking "White Knight" is meant ironically.

27968: someone - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:11 AM

So we have political parties, military orders, regional coalitions... and one corporation. I'm gonna go with Merlin Corp as the one known for two-timing due to it being the one that is not restrained by nationality or geography.

27969: Brilliand - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:48 AM

I'm pretty sure I can rule out M.F.T and Southeast People's Alliance for being too narrow in scope. Merlin also seems like a very GO-specific group.

I'm gonna guess Peace Corp, because I'm sure reclaiming the Lost Continent is of interest to many different powers.

27970: Questionable Intent - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:56 AM

@someone that would be the funny answer, but I‚€™m going to be putting my marbles on The Southeast People‚€™s Alliance. Reason being that they‚€™re a recent group and the representative looks the more upset about having to be there and they are made up of several countries so it would make sense if they had prior allies and are they out of need rather than want. Also I think the Merlin Corp is too invested in the Global Order and their founding goal to have ever been an enemy.

I could also see the M.F.T. to be a possibility because in order to oppose the Global Order and protect those nations who joined out of desperation, they probably have some heavy handed support coming from somewhere.

Trifecta‚€™s representative is the most different and foreign looking, but they are the Global Order‚€™s Paladin Unit, you wouldn‚€™t call a Paladin unit with split loyalties you‚€™re Paladin unit.

27972: Strannik - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 3:44 AM

Shieldland collective seems the obvious solution, since most magic users are currently trained by Heroland. Though many of of its members might coming from Herolands' castouts.

27973: HanMK - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 4:13 AM

My heart says 'All of the abow', but assuming Smiles isn't lying and there's only one...

Just feels like an organization that's manly about fighting magic user would probably have strong bonds to other groups that share their goals.

27974: Potatopeelerkind - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 4:27 AM

Is the White Knight distinct from the White-Haired Knight (the most wanted criminal in the world, IIRC?)

I'm going to guess the Shieldland Collective as well.

27975: Dave - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 4:34 AM

The Shieldland collective are probably the two facing group. Bet they‚€™re connected to Heroland.

27976: Rosie - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 4:42 AM

Looove the new lighting in this chapter :)

27977: Taran Alvein - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 5:45 AM

If I were to guess based on looks, I would say that it's MFT. However, going by political expediency, I think it would be Peace Corp.

I'm going to go with politics over apparent villainy.

27978: -D- - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 6:16 AM

I think it's Nero and GOUP. I assume this is easy question for participants. Let's see if I'm right.

27979: someone - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 6:51 AM

@Questionable Intent: it's not a question of being an enemy of the Global Order, just of also working for a rival power. If it's a political party or a military branch that does this, it's clear treason. I mean, I'm sure you can remember some recent real-world example.

But if it's a corporation that does it? Then it's just business. There again I'm sure you can very easily think of two countries engaged in what's described as a "new Cold War" but companies from both these countries keep having business relationships with the "enemy" without anyone really considering that as betrayal.

27980: Entrope - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:06 AM

I am gonna go with M.F.T. for this one. Either something that I remembered is helping me or throwing me off and making me answer very biased.

27981: Zed - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:25 AM

It's funny that the MFT looks the most stereotypically evil, but going by the summary description alone, they're arguably one of the most noble.

27982: Glo - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:57 AM

I'm just glad to see some faces from aptgg, but as far as guesses go, I'm leaning towards to white knight.

27983: Agent_Cook - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 10:32 AM

"Known" might be the key here. Since we're talkig politics, everyone might be two, three or seven-timing

27984: Whim - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 10:48 AM

Ok, uhhh.... I'm going to guess G.O.U.P., firstly because it's very similar to COUP, secondly because as a political body representing the interests of nations, it seems like it has the best chance of being affiliated with another world power?

27985: Kiithnaras - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 11:10 AM

I'm gonna go with Merlin

27986: Worldbuilder117 - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 11:41 AM

For some reason I think we‚€™ve seen the Merlin inc symbol in the background before, so that‚€™s my guess.

27987: Strannik - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 12:51 PM

As a second reader's game , we can try to guess who will answer correctly :

the host said this question is a very simple basic piece of knowledge, so it's probably some public information.
And as such, be known of everyone having an interest in politics.

Shallyah the paladin : yes, as she is from the G.O
Jay-Jay the criminal magic user : probably not
Housten the officer : maybe
Yellow the ganger : maybe
Bindy the goon : probably not
Maria : maybe.
Green the wageslave : maybe
Levin the con : maybe, as he is more knowledgeable that he may appears
Fox the beast : probably not, as she seems quite carefree of others.
Smile the strapped smile : probably
Tobi : no, since she just fell in this world
Three : yes, as he comes from the global order, and may be well versed in their inner politics, if he really was its founder.

27988: poorComedian - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:02 PM

I'm guessing Merlin, he's the one with the worst fashion sense

27989: James brokanon - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 1:29 PM

Its the goup group

27990: Paintr - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:47 PM

Whoa, where did the "Three is the founder of the Global Order" theory come from?

27991: The_Squished_Elf - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 2:51 PM

I feel like I've seen Merlin before, so Merlin.
Heidel A'Barra reminds me of Veda, though. Like they're from the same culture or something.

27992: Sir. Orc - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 5:03 PM

Regarding the answer to Smile's question, since he stated that the party in question is known to be a part of another global power, this suggests one of the national coalitions. This takes out Trifecta, Merlin Co, and Peace Corp most likely as these all seem pretty GO-specific. We don't have a lot to go on regarding GOUP, all we know is the current president belongs to that organization, but I would probably guess it's not them as it sounds like they may be one of the older parties. Nero was mentioned as president in Lorg, but since Lorg's part of the GO that doesn't mean much. SPA, MFT, and Shieldland all have reasons to two-time with another power. The world powers we know about thus far are Justopea, Heroland, Livarell, and the Global Order, with possibly the Mage Barony as another. Of these only Heroland seems to have structure similar to the GO. SPA may be too recent, so this makes me say that Shieldland is probably the answer, with Heroland being the other power they are part of.

27993: Theoh - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 5:22 PM

MFT seems like they‚€™d have a reason to be anti Global Order!

27994: Rainer - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 6:04 PM

Im going to say the m.f.t guy, he is a baron of SOMEWHERE.

27995: Bruudwin - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:08 PM

i didnt read everyone elses comments, but seems no one pointed out
Gloal = Global (i searched gloal and saw no one else typed it)

as always neorice, thanks for sharing this beautiful work of art with us!

27996: SomeGuy411 - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:17 PM

I'm going to guess Merlin Inc. I can't see that name not being tied to a mage group. Mages working on anti-magic to clear our competitors? That I can easily buy

27997: Zobot257 - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 7:28 PM

Gonna go with the Shieldland Collective myself.

27998: Datren - Saturday, October 16 2021 - 9:42 PM

I imagine it comes from when the Red Mind guy was talking about the top wanted criminals in the world and when the founder of the Global Order was shown there was also a close up on Three.

28024: Detective Caillou - Sunday, October 17 2021 - 5:46 AM

It's Merlin Inc., purely because, as a corporation, they're the only ones who can get away with publically two-timing and still exist within the G.O.'s political structure. Nero and the G.O.U.P. would be my second guess, being the party currently in power.

28065: UnknownID - Sunday, October 17 2021 - 11:07 AM

It'd go with M.F.T.

39955: chaosenjoyer - Thursday, December 14 2023 - 5:04 AM


This is a wee bit heavy-handed.

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