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Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 3:40 PM
By: Neoriceisgood


/Chapter End

38900: Melany - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 4:01 PM

Wow, Jay-Jay got blown up so hard, her colour scheme got splattered over everything!



Too far?

38901: Paintr - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 4:04 PM

Oh no that might be fatal.

38902: Baprr - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 4:07 PM

Well. I stand corrected, that was pretty dumb of her.

38903: TheMegax - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 4:19 PM

Turns out, dynamite is supposed to blow up quickly.

38904: Sporf - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 5:07 PM

I don't think Jay-Jay is or was dumb, I just think she didn't know or understand what it was Levin threw. There is a very wide mix of tech in this world, from medieval levels to classical fantasy clockwork, modern to futuristic. All with varying degrees of magic sprinkled in. It is not surprising that someone might not know what
some things are, especially considering it seems a lot of tech of even modern levels is a closely guarded secret. I hope Shalia is able to pull her away or shield her on some fashion (or jay-jay's spirit does so) I don't want Levin to have this victory here. He seems to be making stupid choices considering the circumstances, but I'm still curious about him, he seems to know a lot of things the other's don't and seems less concerned about magic than other no magic folks.

38905: Fan - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 5:13 PM

Bye-bye Jay-Jay, was nice knowing you.

Can't wait to see my boy Noah again in 50 days!

38906: King Random - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 5:51 PM

Oh. I liked JJ.

38907: someone - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 6:41 PM

If they're supposed to die outside, they can't actually die here unless this "mine" isn't actually here at all.

38908: Orange - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 12:27 PM

Jay-jay deserved so much better, maybe. At the very least, Levin deserves worse, definitely.

38909: Mohegan - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 7:48 PM

Given how rare Magitech is, there's a fair chance Jay-Jay didn't even realize it was dynamite. Which explains her almost annoyed tone calling it garbage. She really thought Levin locked the door and threw trash.

38911: Zet - Wednesday, October 11 2023 - 11:19 PM

Have to give Levin credit. He doesn't fuck around.

I somehow expect a showdown between him and Tobi.

38912: Melany - Thursday, October 12 2023 - 12:27 AM

Way back in pg. 975, only one of the Infinite gang members seemed to know what grenades are... so yeah it's actually possible Jay-Jay just doesn't know how dynamite works. She and Minxery were both pretty quick to start throwing it back so I think she realised it's bad, but she may not have a frame of reference on how quick the fuse can be.

38914: Luminous Lead - Thursday, October 12 2023 - 4:36 AM


38915: TaranAlvein - Thursday, October 12 2023 - 4:41 PM

There are a few people here saying that the disparity in tech levels would suggest that Jay-Jay doesn't know what dynamite is, but I don't know... Even if I'd never seen a bomb before, if somebody threw hissing fire at me, I might think twice about going near it.

40077: soup - Wednesday, December 20 2023 - 7:27 PM

this isn't relevant to this bit of the comic, but i think player green is the one to kill infinite but not because he wanted to. if he was being blackmailed into joining this game and the host is one of the players, that would make it very easy to continue blackmailing him. infinite's power is amazing for bypassing the rainbow floor so it makes sense for the host to want him dead so he doesn't interfere with the experiment

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