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Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 12:07 AM
By: Neoriceisgood



17712: Bisected - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 4:26 AM

Friendship seminar!

17713: ... - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 6:39 AM

The whole 30 minutes will be Fox Lady rejecting Levin...

17714: Saiko - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 1:06 PM

I'm not sure the roles are known to other people. They probably have to ask or guess who is the cleaner. Also, although the pal girl is not a cleaner (but a saboteur), she is certainly capable to protect Levin if she chooses to. And Levin knows that, so no need to suck up to the beast girl.

Though every time I see the paladin, I'm quite suspicious of her smirk. Maybe she will decide to earn some side bonus after all...

17715: Straightbackward - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 2:54 PM

It appears that smiley guy is labeling some as expendable. I truly thought it would require everyone's cooperation to... not lose, he's wrong nontheless, knowledge... friendship is the word he's looking for.

Completely off-track, but... Levin's such a big-mouthed anonyance.

17716: Sandman366 - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 8:50 PM

She needs to stop opening her mouth.

She get funnier and more likable every time she does. (Though there are worse fates than to die laughing, I guess....)

17717: B - Wednesday, June 27 2018 - 9:02 PM

If the mission is befriending the others, most of these characters have already failed.

1, 2,