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Thursday, July 30 2015 - 1:10 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Death awaits you.


Yeah some of you saw this page yesterday because I made a mistake uploading for Tobi Time ...

Ah well!

7212: Tag - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 1:27 AM

That's a lot of fumbles

7213: Epsiloh - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 2:54 AM

I saw it but i didn't want it to come out NOOOO SARI!!!

7214: Bisected - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 3:09 AM

Joni being a dick re-confirmed. =P

7215: itblobboy - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 4:22 AM

(In response to your response of my response) "Jump-the-shark page?"
That *was* what I was thinking, but I didn't realize there was a page between it where its face turned into the eye. The laser seemed pretty random then... Though, the term jump the shark is harshly defined on Wikipedia compared to what I meant. It was just not quite believable that his face form could shoop da whoop such a powerful laser, especially with those tiny eye/mouth holes.

(In response to today's strip) Nooo! Magic thralls are the worst! Well, besides magic lasers that turn people into magic thralls, I suppose. I guess now all of them are injured up good... Which swarm - of hands or men - will win? Find out next time on Tobi Time!

7216: Neoriceisgood - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 5:02 AM


Perhaps the term "non-sequitur" more accurately describes what you mean? As in: the actions on this page did not follow the last one.

Jumping the Shark has always been meant as a fairly harsh term, so the way you're using it will definitely be misinterpreted as it's quite an uncommon way of using the term afaik.

(I fully agree on it being a non-sequitur btw, the last page is crucial build up for the current one.)

7217: itblobboy - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 11:03 AM

Yeah, that sounds right. My bad, I blame whoever told me what it meant before! xD Sorry to make it sound like your story is failing or whatnot - VIII Strength has the right idea.

7218: Tom - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 1:13 PM

Wow, TPK it is!

@Neo - If you can deliver us from this scenario without resorting to a Deus Ex/asspull, you'll be forever regarded as Awesome.

(as opposed to temporarily, which happens to most popular people)

7219: UnknownID - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 1:57 PM

OMG! Sari?! Joni?! Are you okay?! O_O And why is the axe hitting Jake?! @_@

7221: Anonymous - Thursday, July 30 2015 - 7:49 PM

Wait... since this is a dungeon rpg world, they respawn, right...?

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